Photo of Us
Photo of  Us
Photo of Us

We were alone in the beginning, walking by completely different ways, when we discovered the love for photography.
In 2012 this love has united our paths and a few days later, we discovered a greater love: the love for each other!
Since then our life has been hand in hand, sharing more than just ideas to composing beautiful photographs, but also, dreams and new compositions for a beautiful life.

We are mess and organization, quickness and calmness, anxiety and patience. Two opposite personalities that complete each other… For life we chase the maximum of the simplicity in each corner, joy and peace in each second of the day, a teaching from each event and true relationships and strong ties with those who life has presented us years ago, in the same way as whom she will introduce us, even today.

For photography we look for naturalness and spontaneity in each gesture and that all that is external reveals, with transparency, everything that each one carries within themselves. We know that every story that is grown with lots of love also deserves all our love when it is reported in the photography's form and, far beyond technical, we'll put our entire dedication and our entire hearts on it.